How many people will fit in the Hot Tub

All of our tubs will fit upto 6 people

How long does it take to setup the Hot Tub

Depending on which hot tub hire package you choose the time will vary.  On average 45 mins is the norm.

How long is the hire period

How long do you want it?  We have standard hire periods and pricing to fit but we also do custom hire periods so just let us know how long you want it for and we will advise accordingly.

Can I purchase a Hot Tub from you

All of our tubs will fit upto 6 people

How long does it take to heat the hot tub

This can vary a lot depending on the following factors;

  • The temperature of the water put in.
  • How much water is being heated.  (different models hold different quantities.)
  • The outside air temperature.

The average time is 8 hours.

What area do you cover

We are based in Dorset and most of our work is focused in this area, however we do travel anywhere so give us a call and we will provide you with the relevant pricing.

How Much space will the hot tub take up

All of our tubs will fit upto 6 people

How heavy are your hot tubs

Depending on your hot tub hire package the weight will vary.  The average weight of our hot tubs only (not including gazebo or accessories) when full is 950KG

What would I need to provide

We will need access to both water and electricity both of adequate supply.

Do I need to check the water during the hire time

Depending on your length of hire you will need to check the water chemical levels.  Don’t worry as documentation will be provide prior to hire and the installation team will also run through the procedures and answer any questions you may have.  If you are ever in doubt then you can always call the office on 01929 439177

How do you fill the hot tub

All of our tubs will fit upto 6 people

What temperature does the water get up to

Our hot tubs all have temperature controls fitted so you can adjust the temperature to suit your needs.  The maximum temp they will reach is 40°C.

How much power is required

Depending on the hot tub hire package your choose power consumption varies.  All of our tubs run on the household standard of 230V using a 13amp plug (standard 3 pin plug), you may also require a second socket to run your lighting which you may have depending on the package.  You can see details about electrical requirements by visiting the individual packages on our hot tub package page.

What happens with the water when you collect the hot tub

The water is emptied at site, but don’t worry we connect our hose which will be directed to the nearest drain, usually outside the front of the venue at the roadside.

What is the cost of running a hot tub

The estimated running cost for our hot tubs is around £8 per week, although everyone will be different due to varied usage times and temperature conditions among other things which will impact this.  Remember all of our hot tub hire packages include flooring to help insulate the tub from the ground which particularly helps in the winter months with water temperature.

Do you hire out hot tubs in the winter

We do indeed.  The winter can be very busy at certain times so make sure you don’t hesitate to book early.

How do we book our hot tub

To book your hot tub package you can either call the office on 01929 439177 or email us on info@camelothottubs.co.uk.  Providing we have stock available we shall generate to the paperwork and send it via email with payment instructions.  The booking is confirmed only when full payment is received and cleared.

What are the payment terms for hiring a hot tub

Our payment terms are very simple.  When booking your hot tub, full payment is required at the time of booking.  Should you choose to cancel your order, a refund will be issued provided you cancel at least 4 weeks before the date of the booking.

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